Tavern 101 Live Music Schedule

Check out the great live music coming up at Tavern 101...

That Winning Feeling
Big Thinker
Good People Drink Good Beer
No One Looks Back
The Game Is On
Nice Life
Who You Callin’ Shrimp?
Enough for Everyone
Tasty, Tasty Tavern Tacos!
The Amazing Tavern 101!
Oh, Yeah
Smell the Sizzle
Next Exit – Tavern 101!
Good tools never go out of style
Relax at the 101!
It’s Happy Hour at Tavern 101!
The Open Road
The best wave of your life…
Adventure may hurt, but…
Are you ready for flavor?
On the 101 to Agoura…
Are You Determined?
Bet your mouth is watering!
Think Less, Live More
That’s A Wrap, Folks!
Whose thirsty?
Chew on that